Agricultural Programs

Farmers and industry partners work hard to defend their crops, herds,
And flocks from viruses, fungus, and bacteria. 

R J Chemicals provides Eco-friendly products for all agricultural applications. From degreasers to disinfectants for the flock and stock protection, right from the field to the producer, we have you covered.

Again, with over 1000 formulas to draw from, ANY on-farm issue can be addressed with Ecologically viable products that protect you, your crops, and your land. Ask us for a solution today!

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Should you require the installation of an ECA Water generation system for agricultural applications, R J Chemicals has every system you may require. From small on-site generation, to large equipment that can provide product for your entire facility. This gives customers direct, “on-site, on-demand” control of ECA water production.


Broilers / Layers








CannabClean Testimonial and Example

Along with our industry partners, (CannabCo) we developed a resin and general purpose cleaner that simply out performed!!! Mark Pellicane, principal owner jokingly called the product “Blue Gunk”, but the results of our newly named CannabClean speak for themselves. Cutters, Scissors, and Trimmers, whether cleaned for immediate use, or left over night, came clean, beyond expectations. Time is money, and we can save cleaning time.