Hospitality Programs

The hospitality industry is wide and far-reaching, encompassing:
foodservice and lodging, transportation, event planning, theme parks,
cruise lines, airlines, bussing, taxi, and tourism services, all of whom have unique requirements.

Not only does R J Chemicals provide products that are now servicing over 3000 restaurants, but we have specialty products that have been manufactured to satisfy even the most stringent needs of the Airline, hotel, and transportation industry.

With breakthroughs in chemistry, please ask us how we can formulate an award-winning product for you and your industry. Save time. Save money. Use products that work.

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Airlines and transportation


Cruise Lines

Ground transportation



RJ Chemicals’ Recent Work in Hospitality

Grocery store/food manufacturers/catering/hotels/cruise lines/airlines
An Example of Electrolyzed Water used on fresh fruit and vegetables demonstrates a clear extension of shelf life… and profits !!!

Airlines and ALL Public Transport Vehicles and Public Areas

A simple, quick and effective spray with Electrolyzed Water has been Clinically proven to reduce or eliminate pathogens and viruses from the environment.

Airplanes, public vehicles and areas can represent the highest potential accumulation of organisms that can cause outbreak and disease.

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