Greenhouse Disinfectant


Green House Cleaner

Organics odour

Green House Cleaner

Mosaic & other viruses (covid included)

Greenhouse Disinfection

Biofilm - bioburden

Which allows odour causing & pathogenic bacteria to thrive



  • We have products proven in all areas of greenhouse growing for all plants (Vegetable, fruit, flower, tomato, cucumber, pepper, cannabis,etc.).
  • ALL indoor growing is subject to environmental pathogens, whether they be bacterial, viral, mold, spore, etc.
  • We offer a cleaning program that typically saves our customers between 20-40%, and reduces or eliminates those pathogenic issues.
  • With over 250 products in our lineup, 1000 formulations, and 30+ years experience in manufacturing, RJ Chemicals and its manufacturing partners can get you pretty much ANY product that you need.
  • If you want a product that is more effective, more economical, more eco-friendly, or just plain better, give us the challenge.
  • Brown Rugose, White Powdery Mildew, Gray Mold, Fusarium Wilt, Pythium Rot, Pepper mottle virus, Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), Alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV), Arabis mosaic virus (ArMV), Viroid hop latent viroid (HLVd), and Tomato mosaic virus are devastating to crops. We help you make that necessary extra layer of protection .
  • We want to make absolutely sure that you get “The Right Stuff” for your cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing needs. We want to become your one-stop-shop for all cleaning products.
  • We consult on ALL matters to do with cleaning and sanitizing. This is what sets us apart! We bring “Real-World” experience to bear in solving your  issue.
  • We have helped organic Cannabis producers remain pesticide free. We have helped vegetable growers reduce crop loss from over 50% down to under 2%.
  • We have literally solved countless customer issues and saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Give us a problem that you haven’t been able to nail down, and put us to the test.
  • Book a Consultation With Us today!