Pathogen and Odour Control & Elimination


(Bacteria or Norovirus Gone)

Bongo is a pathogen, viral, and odor control service offered by R J Chemicals.

It offers our customers a “Peace of Mind” application service that can help control or eliminate Norovirus, pathogens, or mold in the facilities we service. The products used for this service are ALL registered as Environmentally friendly, and extremely effective. Our customers range from Condominiums looking to control odors, eliminate drain or kitchen stack issues and backups, or remove garbage and chute smells, to restaurants looking to control environmental pathogens and reduce drain maintenance costs. 

Food plants like the fact that we can reduce or eliminate environmental pathogens from affecting their products, and that we can deliver a reduction in shelf-life-reducing organisms. Nursing homes see drastic reductions in odors, which in turn means fewer pathogens, as well, when applied, there has been an overall improvement in cleanliness in ALL continuing sanitation programs.

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Disinfectant Products

Restaurant issue fixed and gets the "Thumbs up!"

Sanitizers Products

Typical Garbage Chute prior to application

Hospital Cleaning Products

Controlling odors and pathogens is sometimes not pretty

Food Grade Cleaning Products

Solving restaurant odor and pathogen issues.

Greenhouse Disinfection

Yes, Hockey and sports facilities need fogging too.

Food Industry Consultation

One Day Solutions


One Day Solutions

Quick, professional, and effective consultation in the food industry.

A microbiologist with Expert industry experience in; primary kill, processing, ready to eat areas, grocery, milk, cheese, butter, yogurt,

bakery, pork, chicken, beef, duck, and many other related industries.

Easily can find solutions to; bacterial issues (IE. Mold, Spores, Virus’s, Bacterial build-up, Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli, Algae), 

loss in production, environmental pathogen control, shelf-life extension, handling practices,

sanitation evaluation, cross-contamination issues

We solve issues that no one else can solve!

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